This is the first concert we have ever been to. It was just amazing! They totally rock! [Uebel & Gefaehrlich, 08.04.10]


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Looking up on you since we were young
Model myself on you but I would never admit
Spying your acting and try to copy
Hate you for not appreciating me

Goodbye summer, hello Fall!

Enjoying the last sunshine.

True story

Love sometimes hurts.
There are no words
That explain how it feels
When you think you are failing
And don't even have a chance.
You want to cry, want to shout,
You want to scream it out loud.
But believe me, you're gonna get over it.
You'll find a guy who fits.
Someone who will make you laugh
Someone who will wash away those tears.
And you will stop crying
'cause you will be happy again


Bracelets ▲


Some new stuff we just bought at a fleemarket. We totally love these clothes!